He who stole the tank – Transcarpathian hero-policeman was awarded by the Chief of the National Police (PHOTO)

Today, 247 policemen, who have just completed a three-month training courses, solemnly took the oath of allegiance to the Ukrainian state. The landmark event in the history of the Transcarpathian police was held on Narodna Square in the regional center.

Among the future law enforcement personnel, there were soldiers who were called up under the partial mobilization last year. Some of them stayed on the path of defenders of rights and freedoms of Ukrainians. The head of the National Police Khatia Dekanoyidze thanked the soldiers for their service and personally awarded the now policeman, and until recently, a soldier of the 2nd artillery battalion of the 128th separate mountain infantry brigade Taras Ponomarenko, who, together with his comrades, captured a Russian tank T-72.


These people can be relied on. Therefore, I am sure that they will succeed.

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