Has the Department of Municipal Economy clasiffied their salaries? (Documents)

This was reported on his page on facebook by the deputy mayor of Uzhgorod Yaroslav Shafar. He has sent an appeal to the prosecutor.

"The Department of Municipal Economy has classified their wages. I do not think they are so big that they need to conceal them so carefully… But, according to preliminary data, for the first quarter the Department staff received approximately 100,000 UAH of bonuses and 17,600 UAH of financial aissistance. Apparently they believe that they do their job perfectly. Time will tell… Meanwhile almost all utilities are unprofitable, the privatization program for the last three years has been existing only on paper and, if not for land sales, the Department of Municipal Economy would be a complete bankrupt. So what do they receive bonuses for?", – the deputy aks. 

As you know, hiding of public information is a crime. Well, we are waiting for the response of the prosecutors. 


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