Has new Hyundai broken for the 4th time in the road?

The morning Kharkiv-Kyiv train Hyundai delayed in the road for unknown reasons.

This was announced in the ‘Ukrzaliznytsia’ press service.

The train was unable to arrive to Kyiv at 11.30 a.m.

‘The train is not going due to the technical reasons. It is stopped in the forest belt near Poltava’, – said in the press service.

‘An official investigation is being held currently. We are trying t find out the reasons for stopping’, – was added in the department.

The train number 161 on Kharkiv-Kyiv route was supposed to arrive to the Ukrainian capital until 11.30 a.m., but it is immobilized in the forest belt at Poltava (nearly 300 kilometers from Kyiv) more than an hour.

It is well known that technical problems periodically arise from the beginning of the Korean trains Hyundai circulation.

Thus, the train because of the technical problems did not depart from Kharkhiv to Kyiv on June 2.

The Kyiv-Lviv Hyundai train damaging happened at the race between Ozhydovo and Zabolottsia at night on June 10.

This led to a two-hour delay. In addition, the eight trains’ schedule was disrupted.

Also, the delay of Hyundai train ‘Ukrainian Express’ on ‘Kyiv-Donetsk’ route was reported for more than 40 minutes, in which were the European Football Championship fans.

It was reported in the Ukrainian railway that the compensation order implementation is being developed for the Intercity+ trains’ delay for more than 30 minutes. 

Ukrainska Pravda

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