Half-meter-high piles of junk: in Transcarpathia, rivers are being cleared of garbage

In Transcarpathia, rivers have been being cleared of garbage for several days now. Currently, in the area of the Borzhava alone, there are 13 illegal landfills that need immediate disposal, – the Deputy Head of the Transcarpathian Regional State Administration Igor Shinkaryuk said at today’s press conference.

First, wood is removed from the water with specialized equipment, then the garbage. Sometimes such "islands" can reach up to half a meter high above the water. It is reported that one of the main reasons for the pollution of the Transcarpathian rivers is the uncontrolled dumping of waste by the local population on the banks of the rivers.

It is worth noting that while the collected wood can be used as a secondary raw material, or donated to the poor as a solid fuel, it is not so simple with tons of plastic bags and bottles. Therefore, the issue of disposal of the collected waste in accordance with the requirements of current legislation is currently being resolved.


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