Half a year after the collapse in Nevytsky (PHOTOS)

Half a year has passed since the roof of Nevytsky Castle collapsed. Of course, I came to see the progress of "restoration work". What has changed? Briefly. 
 Everything that fell from the tower into the courtyard was broken into pieces and taken "away" out of tourists’ sight. "Away" is a large pile just where the trail from the "Verkhovyna" turns to the castle. Everything that fell from the tower outside the courtyard is still there. It’s just better hidden, as the shrubs have grown up by a meter and a half. Remains of rafters and ceilings were removed from the top of the tower. The nettle was cut. The huge pile of debris near the stairs was removed. The stair railing was painted purple. And that’s all that has changed in Nevytsky Castle in 6 months. 
  Posted by: Alexander Bogdanov in facebook 
I have already told and will tell it again. Transcarpathians, and especially Uzhgorod residents, did not deserve such historical beauty in their territory.  


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