Hail in Vynogradiv: slate, eternit, onduline and tile proved to be the most vulnerable

Special Commission of Vynogradiv City Council has completed the work on the assessment of damages caused by the hail that occurred in Vynogradiv city and district on June 21, 2016.  The commission included representatives of the City Council and housing offices, and city deputies on whose constituencies the disaster caused the greatest damage.   

         The commission promptly, without weekends and holidays, examined each reported building, took appropriate decisions and drew up reports of examination of houses affected by hail.  Slate, eternit, onduline and tile proved to be the most vulnerable to the hail. Thus, the number of damaged buildings in the city is 231, the damaged roof area is about 10 thousand sq. m. 

         Vynogradiv City Council has handed over copies of the report to the district state administration to be sent to the Transcarpathian Regional State Administration.

         Now townspeople (property owners) are opening personal accounts in the "Oshchadbank", to which the funds for repair of damaged buildings will be transferred.

Recall that a few days ago Hennadiy Moskal told about the sabotage by local officials in this district.

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