Grozny, “I think “Goverla” will play with “Dynamo” with two teams”

The Head Coach of "Goverla" Vyacheslav Grozny commented on the upcoming friendly match against Kyiv "Dynamo" to fill the pause in the championship.

– It is an honor for any club to play with "Dynamo", so we gladly agreed to the offer of sparring. Like Dynamo, we are not preparing specifically for this game, but of course, in this situation we need match practice – and the match will be useful.

In this championship we have twice played with "Dynamo" and will not play with them anymore, so I think that will be a good sparring. "Dynamo" are now in better shape, they played with "Valencia". They are also more skillful. We have a problem with fields, now we are training on synthetics. I think we will play with "Dynamo" with two teams, as everyone will want to play with this team, – the "" quoted Grozny.

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