“Goverla-Transcarpathia” beats “Metallurg” and becomes a leader in the First League

Yesterday in Uzhgorod the match, which decided the fate of the first place in the First League, took place.
On the eve of the match between "Hoverla-Transcarpathia" and Zaporozhye "Metallurg" there was only one point difference. Therefore, in case one team wins, it automatically becomes the sole leader of the championship.

In the first round match Zaporozhye "Metallurg", playing at home, beat the Uzhgorod team. In yesterday’s match the latter paid back, having beaten the guests and broke away from them by 4 points.
The winning goal was scored by midfielder Dmitry Trukhin on the 22nd minute.
In general, during the match there was an equal fight, the only thing is that closer to the end of the second half, "Goverla-Transcarpathia" began to play more on the retention of the score and was mostly defending.

The ending turned out to be nervous: in the second added minute the player of "Goverla-Transcarpathia" Pechonkin was sent off the pitch.
However, four matches before the finish of the championship it would be enough for "Goverla-Transcarpathia"  to win in three, or even in two matches, to draw in one more and the team gets the first-place in the Premier League.

 FC "Goverla-Transcarpathia": 1. Nody, 13. Eliseev, 23. Sagaidak (77. Komarnicki, 46), 3. Shchedrakov, 2. Grinchenko, 16. Sviridov (19. Danilovskiy, 75), 8. Trishovich (18. Sytnik, 90+1), 15. Trukhin, 5. Muhovikov, 11. Pechenkin, 14. Jacobiya (10. Kosyrin, 74) Subs: 12. Yashkov, 21.Melikyan, 28. Gibalyuk. Coach – Alexander Sevidov
FC "Metallurg" E: 1. Rudenko, 39. Opanasenko, 4. Mateus, 24.Boyko (3. Teiku, 64), 21.Shturko (19.Rudika, 79), 27. Tsurikov (2.Sobol, 31), 11. Halfaui, 34. Sidorchuk, 31. Pesotsky, 10.Godoy (7.Matyazh, 65) 9.Belik. Subs: 16.Shevchenko, 30. Kaskov, 5. Jokich. Acting head coach – Sergei Zaitsev


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