Google launches Ukrainian version of YouTube

Google has announced the launch of YouTube Ukraine – a localized version of the popular video platform that will allow Ukrainian Internet users to communicate, create and share videos on the domain

According to the company representatives, the local version of YouTube will feature the most popular Ukrainian videos, in addition, it will provide a platform for talented Ukrainian video creators, broadcasters, advertisers and brands.

"Ukrainian users have long been watching and uploading videos on YouTube, and users of other countries have the ability to view videos, created in Ukraine. Today YouTube is among the five most popular websites in the country. The official launch of YouTube in Ukraine will allow Ukrainian video creators to better promote their video works, both in Ukraine and in any other country, and users around the world, in turn, will have greater access to content from Ukraine," – said Dmytro Sholomko, Director of Google in Ukraine.

It should be noted that in order to ensure that Ukrainian authors and composers receive financial benefit from posting their video, YouTube signed a licensing agreement with the Ukrainian Agency on Copyright and Related Rights (UAASP).

The agreement involves the use of a large repertoire that can be viewed in Ukraine using streaming video on YouTube. Rights holders will receive some income when the the background of a YouTube partner’s video displays advertisements.

As of today, YouTube has already signed agreements for the placement of content with a number of Ukrainian companies, including: popular TV channels STB, Novy, ICTV, Inter, 1 +1, Lavina Digital company, Talant companies group and others.

Recall that last week the popular video hosting YouTube presented a new design, the key focus of which is on subscription for channels.

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