Good fellow of the Uzhgorod soldier Svejk has been installed in Odesa (PHOTOS)

The symbol of the peaceful soldier – bronze mini-sculpture of the Good Soldier Svejk was installed on the wall of the "Gambrinus", the informed. According to the director of the city Department of Culture and Tourism Tetyana Markova, the idea to install the sculpture of the Czech literary hero in Odesa was suggested by a guest from the Czech Repaublic Kamil Heinz.

– Six months ago, an amazing man – a great admirer and lover of Odesa – appealed to the Department and sugggested to establish a small bronze sculpture of the Good Soldier Svejk. "What does Svejk has to do with Odesa?" – I asked. And he told me an amazing story – Tetyana Markova said.

As it turned out, Kamil found a story in which Jaroslav Hasek, the author of "The Good Soldier Svejk," told how he had read about his death in Czech newspapers. There were three versions of the obituary. In one of them, he was killed by drunken sailors in the basement of the Gambrinus inn. Kamil told this story to Mikhail Zhvanetsky, and that’s how Svejk’s relation to Odesa was established.

The idea of ​​this mini-sculpture was originated by Uzhgorod public figure Pavlo Chuchka. A few years ago, a similar sculpture of Svejk was created in Uzhgorod by sculptor Mykhailo Kolodko.

According to Kamil Heinz, the Svejk in Odesa will be helping residents and visitors of the city.

"If you rub his nose, you will have no problems for the whole week. In the summer, I will come to Odesa and ask Svejk, "How are you?" He’ll reply: Svejk loves Odesa", – Kamil Heinz said.


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