Gold in Muzhiyevo will be extracted again

This information was distributed today, March 26, in Uzhgorod at press conference of the Transcarpathian Regional Administration, by the Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine Oleg Proskuryakov.

"Environmental issue in Muzhiyevo is solved. The channels, filters, and necessary materials were installed, so the water is normal now. This was confirmed by DSA chairman, and chairman of the village council – said the minister. – Prospects of further development are also promising. So we will do it. The only unresolved legal issues are related to the bankruptcy. A week ago the company "Zakarpatpolimetaly" received a new trustee in bankruptcy, with whom we work very closely. I think we will soon resolve legal issues and "Nadra" will develop and explore new areas, for which we received approval from the Regional Council."

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