Gluck’s exhibition in Uzhgorod, his chocolate easel and hat

The Gavrylo Gluck’s retrospective exhibition, dedicated to the 100th anniversary from his birth was opened in the Art Museum named after Bokshai today, May 18.



The famous artist was born in Transcarpathia, but lived in Uzhgorod since 1947 and was very found in depicting the life of mountain people on his canvases. The exhibition includes 130 paintings from the museum funds and private collections, in particular, and the work that brought Gabrie Gluck the glory – ‘Lisoruby na varti myru’ (‘Loggers on the guard of peace’). 



A lot of people visited the art museum at the exhibition opening. It is not surprising, many citizens of Uzhgorod remember the artist whose name is a sort of bridge between the representatives of old school of painting and new artists. 



The participants said a lot of good about Gavrylo Gluck, in particular, that he was very kind and non-conflict at all, he easily found a common language with all the people and all his life created by trying out a variety of genres. 



The exhibition organizers in order to show the artist’s talent diversity, even a specially build exhibition such a manner that you could follow life stage of his artistic growth. The last hall is the most interesting, where the beautiful graphic works of Gavryla Gluck, including his illustrations for books.

Actually, one of the exhibition is 100th commemoration anniversary of the artist does not come to an end yet. Simply, the well-known confectioner Valentyn Shtefanio produced the chocolate compositions, which consist of easel and a hat (which will decorate the exhibition throughout its work) in the Art Museum hall.

The memorial plaque, which will become the basis of the future artist’s monument will be laid in Uzhgorod opposite to the secondary school number 2 tomorrow, May 19, at the exact Gavrylo Gluck’s birthday. The monument itself will appear on this place this year on November 2 (on the day of Gavrylo Gluck’s death), its author will be the sculpture Mykhailo Kolodko. 




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