Germany simplifies the foreign diplomas recognition procedure

Germany is looking for the methods to simplify the access of highly qualified specialists to the federal labour market. Potential emigrants can check the compatibility of diplomas they received in their countries with the German requirements on the special web portal. The Communicative Service which provides consultations in order to bring documents that indicate the appropriate qualification to compliance is actively working now. 

The aim of such approach is to simplify the procedure of the professional accreditation recognition for emigrants and to facilitate the process of their integration while there is the lack of relevant experts in Germany.

The owner of the foreign diploma can send documents to German institutions where they are checked within three months as to whether the educational process in his country matches with the necessary level of the theoretical and practical knowledge required by the Federal Republic. In case of discrepancy the applicant is provided by the complete set of recommendations concerning the education or its continuation, Mediafaks site informs.

German officials calculated that nearly 300,000 people may get benefit from these legal innovations and the Federal Minister of Education Annette Schawan emphasized that the chances for ‘emigrant doctors to work as doctors in future instead of working as taxi drivers’ increased.

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