German lost his car because of 7 hidden cigarettes’ boxes (PHOTOS)

Customs officers warned the illegal cross of 7 hidden boxes of tobacco products from customs control at the checkpoint ‘Uzhgorod’ last evening – informs Victoriia Senhetovska, Chop customs press secretary.

38-year old German, returning from Belarus to Austria in transit through the territory of Ukraine consciously chose a simplified regime control on the border. However, customs officers noticed the nervous behavior of the foreigner and quite distant route returning to Austria, which is over 500 km bypass. Because, he could use the closest customs from the Belarusian border – Yagodynska and Lviv region.

As a result, there were found 3, 545 packs of cigarettes of 4 different brands of Belarusian production, which were not stated during the verbal survey after the profound minivan examination. The clever foreigner previously hid cigarettes in a double minivan bottom (almost along the entire length of the body).

Thus, the protocol regarding German citizen for customs rules violation was written according to the Articles 339 and part 1 of 352 of ISU. The revealed cigarettes which worth nearly 15 thousand hryvnia and minivan ‘Opel’ at the price of 311, 000 USD, which was used to convey hidden goods were removed from the German by the time of court’s decision.  

The above mentioned illegal actions involved the penalty sanctions in the amount of not less than 100 percent of the hidden goods value and their mandatory confiscation together with the foreign car. 


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