Georgians were not allowed in the EU

Yesterday, three more men dared to illegally enter the EU trying to illegally cross the Ukrainian-Slovakian border, but their attempt proved to be futile.

Border guards of the "Velyky Berezny" unit near the state border discovered and detained a man without documents, who was intending to go to Slovakia. Subsequently, in the course of search activities involving dogs, the operative group discovered two more unknown men, who also failed to prove their identities with documents. After the arrest, the detainees explained that they were citizens of Georgia and were trying to get into the European Community.

In turn, the border guards of "Chop" unit showed their professionalism during border control of the train "Moscow-Budapest." During the inspection of documents, the passport of one of the train passengers aroused suspicion of border guards on possible forgery. As a result of the commission inspection of the passport of a Czech citizen, inspectors’ suspicions were confirmed because it was found that the page with the constituent personal data had signs of forgery.

All detained offenders were delivered to units to clarify the circumstances of the offense and make administrative and procedural documents. Decision on the futher fate of all detainees will be taken by the court.

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