Georgians, arrested by Chop border guards, tried to bribe them

Another group of “European happiness seekers” has been arrested on the territory of Chop ​​border guards’ squad Palady Komarovtsy".

In the morning local residents noticed a group of unknown people and immediately reported this to the border guards. In order to verify the information and arrest the unknown, an operational group immediately went to the scene. After a while the border guards stopped the violators. Two men and a woman had attempted to illegally cross the border. All the detainees said they were citizens of Georgia, though they didn’t prove their identity and nationality except for one man. As in most cases, illegal migrants were going to European Union.

But the troubles of the detainees were not over. At the time of verification activities, one of the detainees suggested the border guards to "free" all the detained for a fee of 150 Euro. The serviceman reported about this to the chief. Now all the details of the attempt to bribe the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine is being established.

Since the beginning of the year, the Chop border guards detained about two hundred illegal immigrants and more than twenty of them were the citizens of Georgia – the press service of Chop border squad.

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