Gas workers will cut off gas supply on Mickiewicz Street and Svoboda Avenue for routine maintenance

Currently maintenance works in the building number 3 on Svoboda Avenue are completed. So far gas supply is cut off in the building number 5 on the  Mickiewicz str., because the workers are performing a series of maintenance works, including lubrication of valves.
Maintenance is carried out in the building number 5 on the same street, but it is not necessary to suspend gas supply there because of the good condition of the valves. In these buildings specialists also perform detection of illegally installed gas appliances.
On September 17, 2012 "Zakarpathaz" PJSC starts maintenance works at 61 Svoboda Avenue (77 items), 7 Mickiewicz str. (79 items), 9 Mickiewicz str. (77 items).
On September 24 technical inspection will begin at 40 Svoboda Avenue (118 items), 3 Mynaiska str. (70 items), as well as 5 Mynaiska str. (72 items).
The owners of lodgings must provide specialists access to gas equipment, and in case of detection of illegally installed gas appliance, have the gas network rearranged by the specialized enterprise and commission the object officially.  
Source: Press Service of "Zakarpathaz" JSC

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