Gas company workers prevented gas explosion in a house in Transcarpathia (VIDEO)

Potential explosion of gas in a house was prevented by specialists of the Vynogradiv branch of the "Zakarpatgaz" JSC. Inspectors detected extremely large amounts of gas consumption in a household in the village of Borzhavske. They noted that residents had used 3800 cubic meters in a month, while previously, on average, they would consume 250-400 cubic meters. Master of the Vynogradiv branch Mykhailo Yakobyshyn was sent at the site. 
After a thorough inspection, he found out that, during a recent renovation, the owner of the house replaced the steel pipeline, that had been built according the project, and replaced it with an unsuitable rubber hose. He ran a hose through the wall next to the chimney from the solid fuel furnace. Due to constant heating, the hose got damaged and gas leaked through the holes into the chimney where it burned.
"These actions caused an explosion threat. Fortunately, thanks to timely actions of specialists, the tragedy was prevented,” – Andriy Khodakivsky, the head of the Vynogradiv branch of the “Zakarpatgaz” JSC said.
"Zakarpatgaz" JSC asks consumers not to ignore safety rules. 
Press Service of the "Zakarpatgaz" JSC

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