Garbage site will be removed from the area under the windows of the linguistic school

At today’s meeting of the Executive Committee, the headmaster of the Uzhgorod linguistic school Mykhailo Mehesh asked to remove the waste container site, which is located just under the windows of the school.
Clearly, it does not decorate the territory, and students are forced to pass by the garbage site every day. Despite the regular garbage removal, wastes are accumulating there, because numerous cafes located in the city center dump their wastes there.
Member of City Council Victor Bobita also requests to remove the container site, which is located at 5 meters from the windows of a house.
The chief architect of the city Sheba Oleksandr recommends to relocate waste container site, located on Ural street, closer to the Poshtova Square.
The Deputy Mayor Vitaly Semal supported the decision, noting that the container site should be arranged by the end of the calendar year.
Members of the executive committee unanimously supported the decision.

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