Garbage cans in Uzhgorod: where they are, where they have been and where they will be installed

"February 17, at a meeting of the mayor of Uzhgorod Victor Pogorelov with employees of public utilities, they discussed, among other things, the topical issue – the proper garbage disposal.

Waste tanks are currently installed at the intersection of Gagarin – Paryzka Komuna streets – it should resolve the issue of garbage disposal in this part of Uzhgorod. Also, waste tanks are to be installed near the clinic number 2 on Bozhenko street. The director of "AVE-Uzhgorod" Serhiy Vorobets assured that the issue would be resolved soon – the publication wrote.

At the same time, Uzhgorod residents are complaining about the state of container sites. It is the fault of those responsible for garbage collection and removal, as well as "sorters" and the residents themselves, because they throw garbage near the tanks.

Such photos are not uncommon in the group "Uzhgorod" on facebook.


One of the latest examples – a picture of Zhemayte st. – Svoboda Ave., 29/31… 

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