Gambling business is thriving in Uzhgorod (PHOTOS)

Recently, there is a real gambling ‘chaos’ in Uzhgorod. If after the legalization of gambling business cancellation in Ukraine the law enforcement bodies actively came at the casinos and other establishments that offered visitors to play with a fortune, then now there is almost at every turn the so-called ‘Interactive Clubs’ or ‘Online-Clubs’ which offers once again to play for money.

The characteristic features of such institutions are the tightened windows with a wrap, a large letter E with a crown above it or a hook, which is a kind of symbol of the underground gambling business. It was changed on a ball and the ‘Sports Bar’ inscription to Euro 2012.

The author counted sixteen gambling establishments across the town, eight of them in the center of Uzhgorod. But something tells us that there are much more of them.

We offer you photos of these places and more detailed information you can read in the newspaper ‘Staryi Zamok’. 

Автобусна зупинка біля автовокзалу
Автобусна зупинка біля автовокзалу 2
Автобусна зупинка біля автовокзалу 3
Вул Закарпатська
Вул Корзо, біля магазину MOYO
Вул Корзо, біля магазину MOYO 2
Вул Корятовича 2
вул Корятовича 3
Вул Корятовича, біля магазуну Кобзар
Вул Корятовича, навпроти магазуну Кобзар
Вул Легоцького
Вул Легоцького 5
Вул Легоцького 3
Вул Легоцького 7
Вул Минайська
Вул Підградська
Вул Підградська 4
Проспект Свободи

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