Gajdos and colleagues admitted: Svyshcho mismanaged Beregovo district. Knoblokh will “correct” the situation

This week there was a meeting of the faction of the Democratic Party of Hungarians of Ukraine (DPHU) in Beregovo district council, which was attended by the MP Istvan Gajdos and the First Deputy Governor Igor Svyshcho.

During the meeting, Istvan Gajdos told about the activities of the Verkhovna Rada, the situation in the parliament of our country. He expressed hope that the opposition in the future would not block the work of the parliament, MPs would finally get down to work, including the consideration and adoption of the laws that are necessary for the European integration of Ukraine.

During the meeting, Igor Svyshcho described the economic situation of the region. The First Deputy Governor, head of the Party of Regions faction in the regional council asked the district deputies of DPHU to support Yuri Knoblokh, the PR candidate for the presidency of Beregovo District Council.

In discussing this issue, the faction members voiced many criticisms regarding the economic condition of the district, ​​infrastructure development, construction of a bypass road around Beregovo, personnel policy in the district.

As a result of the discussion, they reached the agreement to support the Party of Regions candidate for the presidency of Beregovo District Council. 

Igor Svyshcho for his part promised to lobby for continued construction of the new building of Beregovo Hungarian school and the said bypass road, the allocation of additional funds for waste processing plant. The First Deputy Governor, as a resident of Beregovo, also promised his maximum support of his native district in all matters.

The participants also discussed issues related to the celebration of the 165th anniversary of the Hungarian Revolution of 1848-49.

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