Fraudsters tricked a Transcarpathian by offering her a good credit

A resident of one of the villages in Perechyn district reported to the police that crooks had withdrawn over four thousand hryvnia from her credit card.

Law enforcement officers found out that the 59-year-old woman had been cheated by an unknown man, who had phoned the victim and introduced himself as a bank employee. The fraudster asked to provide personal information and the credit card number in order to increase the credit limit.

The woman provided all the necessary information and even dictated a six-digit code, which was sent on her phone in the form of SMS.

After that, the phone of the victim received another text message informing about the withdrawal of more than 4 thousand hryvnia from her account. The telephone number, which the crook was calling from, is not served anymore.

The management of Perechyn Police notes that scammers have many ways to cheat victims, but following general safety rules, you can protect yourself from some of them. 

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