Four-pawed border guard Blake found cigarettes hidden in a freight train

At the railway crossings "Pavlovo" of the Chop detachment, border guard squad from the same unit, together with representatives of the customs office found tobacco products, while checking a train following abroad.

Thus, during the inspection of a freight train, which followed from Ukraine to Slovakia, near one of the tanks with benzene and methanol, sniffer dog Blake gave a signal.  During the examination of the car design features, namely in the cross beams for tank fastening, border guards found packages wrapped in black transparent film. These packages contained cigarettes "Jing Ling" without excise stamps in the amount of 108 packs and 726 packs of cigarettes "BOND" made in Ukraine.

             The found tobacco products were seized according to the law. The goods were valued at over 10,000 UAH.


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