Fortune telling at Christmas: the old proven ways to predict the future

Christmas will soon come to our homes. It is believed that on the eve of this beautiful family holiday one can charm a lover, predict their fate and even the day of death. Although times have changed, as well as customs and, of course, life, and yet – here are several ways to tell fortune at Christmas. 

Who will be your betrothed?

The most popular type of fortune telling on Christmas Eve is to listen to the sounds around. So for example, after dinner, the girls would carry dishes and spoons on the doorstep, and hit them on the doorstep. And then they listened, where a dog barked was there a girl’s future groom would come from.

Then the girls would come up to the windows of the neighbors. And if they heard the word "sit", they were very discouraged, because it meant that this year a girl would not get married. But the word "go" means that this year she will become a wife.

At home girls would undo their hair, take up the bread and having walked around the house three times, stared out the window looking for their fate or betrothed.

On family life

To learn what a husband would be like, girls would do the following. They would put on the table a variety of things, such as axes, knives, glass, money. Then all the girls blindfolded in turn were led up to the table.

Which object she touches, such the future husband will be like. A glass meant that he would be a drunkard, scissors – a shoemaker, an ax – a logger, and money – a rich man.


With a knife and snow, you can see what the future husband and family life will be like. To do this, at midnight one has to take a knife, go outside and cut the snow with a knife, saying: "Devil, devil, do not be silent, devil, devil, tell me what my husband will be like, will I laugh or will I cry?"

Then you need to listen carefully to the barking dogs. If you hear the angry, staccato barking, then the future husband will be strict and gloomy. If dogs bark gayly, then the husband will be cheerful and kind. The worst option is if you hear a dog howling. It means that the marriage will be short-lived, and the young wife will become a widow soon.

Fortune telling on love and faithfulness

Boys on Christmas Eve can bewitch faithful lovers. To do this, in the evening they have to go to the mill, take three chips from the gateway, wrap them in a handkerchief and secretly insert them in the jamb of the bride’s house, saying: "As this gate keeps the water out, so let (name of girl) keep all matchmakers out, except for mine".

Girls on Christmas can attract the opposite sex. To do this, on the Christmas Eve they have to go to the river and sprinkle themselves with water saying: "As the water runs, so let the boys run to me!"

On death and what the year will be like

Older people on Christmas would tell fortunes on life and welfare. It was done like this: standing between the lamp and the candle, they watched the shadow. If the shadow was double, then everything would be fine, life would be long; if there was only one shadow, it meant that death would come soon.

And to find out whether in the next year there will be welfare and wealth in the house, in the Christmas night you need to pull one string from a bundle of hay. If the string is long, then the year will be successful, rich and fruitful, and if it is short – poverty and a bad harvest will be in the next year.


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