Forged retro cards to appear in Uzhgorod

The first forged holder with a card has been recently tried near the pedestrian bridge on Teatralna Square.

The idea belongs to blacksmith Sergej Bezik. Such a gift to the city is being created in the blacksmith shop "Bezik – Master". It is planned to put several such holders in the city, they will appear shortly.

Sergei Bezik said: "First there will be 5 cards, installation of the first one will be held next Wednesday. The cards will be placed in the old part of the city. They will depict "Korona", the first pharmacy, Teatralna Square and a few more angles of the pedestrian bridge. The postcards will also have a schematic map of the city with the names of the streets. Our main idea is to place the cards in the perspective from which they were drawn. This will be a small time machine"- says "Zakarpatturinform".

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