Forged “Postcards from the Past” won’t be installed in Uzhgorod yet

As the Mayor’s Speaker Alla Hayatova reported in Facebook, yesterday, on August 2, the "Postcards from the Past" project by Sergei Bezik had been discussed at the meeting of Scientific and Artistic Council of Uzhgorod City Council.

The members of the Scientific and Artistic Council supported the idea (to set stands in the historic center of the city with old cards in the places that correspond the perspective from which an image or picture was taken decades ago). But the realization of the project has been criticized – they say, its style does not match with the style of buildings and the environment, in particular, with samples of old forged works typically occurring in Uzhgorod. There are also remarks about the implementation of a forged part, its form and decoration, as well as the plane elements – beginning from the map and finishing with the font.

Within two weeks, the author will offer the Board new versions of the project, taking into account the recommendations of experts.

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