Foreigners will save time passing the border

The foreigners who intend to visit Ukraine can fill in an immigration card in advance. This was reported by press service of the State Border Service, reports UNN.
It should be provided together with the passport to the State Border Service when crossing the border. It will be here during the period of a foreigner’s stay in the territory of Ukraine. As the border guard assures, completion of the card in advance will speed up the passage of the border. Sample immigration cards and the rules for its completion can be found on the official website of the State Border Service.

We remind you that according to the Regulations approved by Order of the Administration of State Border Service, the immigration card is filled by foreigners or stateless persons while passing the border control in the case when the passport document does not have a page to mark the crossing of state borders, or if a citizen requests not to put an appropriate note into the passport. The immigration card is not filled in, unless otherwise is provided by international treaties of Ukraine. For example, under the agreement between Ukraine and the Russian Federation on the procedure of crossing the Russian-Ukrainian state border by the residents of border regions of Ukraine and the Russian Federation, citizens who are covered by this document, do not fill in the immigration card.

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