Foreigners lost their car because of the wish to earn some money

Chop customs officers drew protocols on violation of customs regulations concerning drivers from Slovenia and Serbia, who tried to illegally transport through the Ukrainian-Romanian and Ukrainian-Hungarian border 426 packs of cigarettes previously hidden in the truck cabs.

In the first case, Slovenian driver at the customs post ‘Tysa’ convinced the inspectors that there was nothing hidden in the truck, stating in customs declaration only insignificant amount of currency. However, customs officials carried out in-depth examination of ‘MAN’ truck and dispelled ‘honest’ foreigner’s intentions ‘lawfully’ cross the border. 338 packs of cigarettes of domestic production of various trademarks Slovenian concealed from the customs control in the hollow cavity by a decorative covering of the cab and under the canisters and tools of cargo compartments.

In the second case, the Serbian driver moving in the crossings border point ‘Diakove’ using the ‘transit’ for goods’ transportation from Belarus to his country, during the customs clearance took wrong decision to ‘sincerely’ assure Chop Customs in the  legality of the crossing. As the inspection, carried out by inspectors, showed that intelligent foreigner concealed in the hollow spaces 88 packs of cigarettes of various trademarks of Russian and Ukrainian origin in the cab of the truck.  

The hidden tobacco products, the total value of which is almost 5 thousand hryvnia and trucks which were used for illegal transportation of hidden products with the total price of 242000 hryvnia were removed until the court’s decision. 


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