Foreign students who were involved in a scandalous incident have been expelled from the university (VIDEO)

Recently a video showing a group of foreigners cursing and threatening the person shooting the video has been posted online.

As it turned out, the men were studying at the Dentistry and Medical Faculties of Uzhgorod National University.

According to the, three students who were involved in the scandalous incident are being expelled from the university. The corresponding order, issued on January 21, has already been signed by the rector of the university.

It turned out that one of the students was studying at the Faculty of Dentistry, the other two – at the Medical Faculty, all three were already on the 3rd year.

Officially they are being expelled for violating the internal rules.

The Transcarpathian police department informed that the university’s administration had submitted documents to the Migration Service, which will review them, and if the foreigners are found to violate the legislation, their residence permit will be canceled, which will be the grounds for their deportation from the country .

The patrol police told that they had drew up reports of administrative offense against the driver of the car, and the police opened proceedings for petty hooliganism.

Here is the video of this incident:


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