Foreign passports have already started arriving in Transcarpathia

The situation with the issuance of passports in Transcarpathia is gradually returning to normal. According to the Head of the main department of State Migration Service (SMS) in Transcarpathian region, Igor Mikhaylishin, almost fifteen hundred printed passports have been received so far. Therefore, citizens who applied to the subdivisions of the migration service in the region by March 7, 2012, may already receive the document.

Those who have the waiting period for foreign passports exceeded (at the moment  there are 1621 of them), will be able to get their documents in the near future. Companies that produce the documents are working in an emergency mode. It is expected that by the end of the week about fifteen hundred more printed passports will arrive in Transcarpathia, said Olga Poshtak, a chief specialist of Public Relations and Media main department of SMS in Transcarpathian region.

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