For two hours under the snowfall at the opposition rally in Uzhgorod students are offered only 50 UAH

As predicted, bad weather prevents the opposition to hold the protest march and rally in Uzhgorod today. It seems that in the regional center there are very few volunteers to listen to Klitschko, Yatsenyuk and Tyahnybok in such bad weather. So, to save the face, the organizers may hire the services of paid protesters.

Activist and public figure Volodymyr Feskov wrote on his page in Facebook, that students of UzhNU were offered money for participating in today’s opposition rally: "Yesterday, UzhNU students living in dormitories called and said that they had been offered money for their participation in the meeting within the national protest campaign "Arise, Ukraine!" in Uzhgorod. 2 hours for 50 UAH under this snowfall?" – Volodymyr Feskov wrote.

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