For tourists without tourists: 5 places in Transcarpathia far from human eyes (PHOTOS)

Spring is in full swing, soon the mountain snow will melt, the earth will be filled with warmth, and we can head off to new unknown mysteries!

And while some people are looking for beauty and rest among other people, others are looking for solitude, far from human eyes.

In June 2016, Ukrainian writer, traveler and social activist Bogdan Logvinenko launched a media project about a long-term expedition to the Ukrainian hinterland – Ukraїner. Together with a photoreporter and a cameraman, he travels by car to the historical regions of Ukraine, deliberately keeping away from traditional tourist routes in search of new places and atypical heroes.

Last year, the Ukraїner visited Transcarpathia, the Azov Sea and Poltava region.

As it turned out, there are places in Transcarpathia, where you can be alone, but not lonely.


Ust-Chorna village

This village is hidden in the depths of the Carpathians – in Tyachiv district of Transcarpathian region, among fantastic landscapes. For a long time, it was cut off from civilization, because there was no road there. In this German village there are still families that preserve German traditions.

Поселок Усть-Чорна1

Поселок Усть-Чорна2

Borzhava narrow-gauge railway

For those, who love trains and the combination of nature with almost derelict railroad, along which a train suddenly enters into a lively, colorful, noisy marketplace. A fantastic place that you should visit at least once in a lifetime.

Боржавская узкоколейка1

Боржавская узкоколейка2
Боржавская узкоколейка3
Боржавская узкоколейка4

Saint-Miklos Castle

The castle in Chynadiyevo is a monument of architecture of the 14th-19th centuries, restored by the artist Yosyp Bartosh. A dozen of Transcarpathians recently confessed to us that they had not known anything about the castle before the publication of the article on the Ukraїner – although it is already quite popular tourist place. The castle has an interesting history, and Yosyp Bartosh himself is a pretty funny person.

Замок Сент-Миклош1

Замок Сент-Миклош2

Pereslip valley

This is a place in Rakhiv district, where young German Michel Jacobi tends to buffaloes. Michel moved here from Germany in search of harmony with the local nature, having the idea of ​​reviving the traditional local occupation – breeding of Carpathian buffaloes. You can live with him for several weeks as a volunteer – you will have to take care of the buffaloes, milk them, and survive in difficult conditions. The city of Rakhiv located nearby is the highest city in Ukraine, it is always cool there. But there is a very nice roof bar.

Полонина Переслип1
Полонина Переслип2

Village of Nyzhnye Selyshche

Probably the liveliest village in Ukraine. There are a lot of festivals there, a cool local club with an excellent concert hall, a rehearsal base and a theater. In the village, there is a cheese-making plant, eco-farms, juice production. A new hostel will soon be completed – volunteers and travelers from all over the world will live there.

Село Нижнее Селище1
Село Нижнее Селище2
Село Нижнее Селище3

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