For the first time ever! Techno Theater in Uzhgorod

On December 3, Creative Territory Industries invite Uzhgorod residents to the Techno Theater "Klepach." Here’s how the organizers announce the event:

"Klepach" (hammer) is a unique tool of the Carpathian blacksmith art school of Ukraine.
The thing is that in addition to forging, a hammer was used to sound the alarm, that is to notify about a disaster, calling the community for fighting fires, flood, or enemy during the war.

It is the tradition of cultural (instrumental) hammer banging that we are restoring in our techno theater, according to the cultural code of Ukraine.

The kick of a hammer against metal was digitized and used as the basis for Transcarpathian technomusic, which was created by electronic composer Oleksandr Kireyev on a digital workstation Ableton Live, with vocals of Alexander Kuznetsov."

Transcarpathian hammer banging will form the environment of musical spatial composition with ritual features.

The ritual part of the performance was created in partnership with the research laboratory of Ukrainian literature and folklore of Transcarpathia at "Uzhgorod National University."

The details of the event can be found HERE

Uzhgorod residents are expected on December 3

 Venue: Cyril and Methodius Square, 5

Beginning: 21:00


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