“For malicious disobedience”: in Transcarpathia, border guards restrained a man in the middle of the road (VIDEO)

The incident happened yesterday, on June 11, on a section of the road leading to the checkpoint "Maly Berezny – Ubl’a"  
Lyubov Revai posted the video on Facebook
"Today, the insanity of border guards reached its peak and in broad daylight, on the main road leading to the international checkpoint "Maly Berezny-Ubl’a", they restrained local residents who had IDs," – the caption to the video reads. 
In the video, the border guard explains to the man that staying in this area is allowed only with the permission of the State Border Guard Service. 
The video sparked a heated discussion. The contributors’ opinions were divided. 
"Outrageous. You are a citizen of Ukraine, you are on the territory of Ukraine, you have an identity card, you do not commit illegal acts,” – Yehor Kos wrote. 
"Border area, border guards are doing their job. Respect their work if you want people to respect yours," – Volodimir Vorobchak said. 

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