For 5 stolen apartments, the fraudster that cheated disabled out of their apartments was sentenced to only 4 years in prison

The Prosecutor of the Transcarpathian region supported the public prosecution in the criminal case concerning a Transcarpathian, who, together with two accomplices, fraudulently seized apartments of poor Uzhgorod residents. Uzhgorod City and District Court of Transcarpathian region has sentenced the fraudster to to 4 years in prison, and her accomplices to 2 years each.

In late July – early August 2007, the 36-year-old woman organized a criminal group for the purpose of fraudulent misappropriation of poor Uzhgorod residents’ apartments. The scammers would find people who abused alcohol, often were illiterate, hearing or sight impared or had a poor financial position.

 She would promise trusting victims to solve their problems. She said that their apartments would be exchanged for cheaper ones and they would receive the cost difference in cash. Then, she would resettle them to other apartments, that she temporarily rented for three months, taking away all documents for their apartments. The victims would learn that they had been cheated after the real owners of rented apartments evicted them from there on the expiry of three months, for which the smart woman had paid in advance. 

Using this scheme, the fraudsters managed to seize and, later, to sell 5 apartments in Uzhgorod. The proceeds from the illegal sale of the citizens’ apartments were shared among all members of an organized criminal group.

In court, the woman who has three minor children, sincerely repented and confessed her guilt. Having this in mind, the court applied Art. 69 of the CCP and sentenced her to 4 years imprisonment.

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