Five illegal immigrants detained by traffic cops

In the area of the ​​border guard office of ‘Paladi Komarovtsy one more group of illegal migrants were detained before Easter with the help of the State Traffic Police – the press service of Chop border detachment reports.
The immigrants who intended to illegally cross the border at the site of one of the Chop squad units, entrusted their fate to the driver of the blue ‘kopeika’, which was supposed to deliver them to the border. But five passengers in the car evoked the suspicion of the police. Deciding not to tempt fate law enforcement officers reported about the car to the border guards, who, having obtained the information, were waiting for the ‘taxi’ on the border.
As a result of operational activities in 6 minutes the car VAZ-2101 was found near the border and five men of African appearance without documents were detained. As the detainees said, four of them are citizens of Somalia and one is a citizen of Eritrea.
The driver of the vehicle fled from the scene, having left his car: he must be aware of the fact that for the illegal transfer he may say goodbye to freedom for a certain period of time.
On the background of such an arrest almost imperceptible, but no less important, are a citizen of Moldova detained  by the border guards of ‘Tchop’ and two women citizens of Ukraine detained by the border guards of ‘Tisa’. They also attempted to illegally cross the border, the only difference is that they were trying to do that at the checkpoints.
The decision on the stand trial  and the further fate of the detainees will be determined by the court.

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