Fishermen are slinging hooks

According to the order of the Chief State Department of Protection, Use and Reproduction of Aquatic Biological Resources and Fishing Regulation in the Transcarpathian Region "On the establishment of the autumn-winter ban on fishing in areas of habitation and reproduction of brook trout, protection thereof during the migration and spawning season and preservation of its habitat in years 2012-2013" (dd. August 20 No. 92), the fishing in areas of habitation and reproduction of brook trout shall be banned for the period from the 10th of September 2012 to the 10th of January 2013 in view of the spawning of trout in rivers and tributaries of foothill and mountain areas (parts thereof) of the Transcarpathian region.

 During this period it is necessary to ensure the safety and integrity of the habitat, migration routes, spawning area, feeding places and actually spawning of brook trout in the rivers and their tributaries, in accordance with the procedures established by this order.

 This applies particularly to the ban of fishing for spawning fish in water flows of the Rika river basin, where even valuable species of fish from the Tisa and the Danube swim to spawn. During this period it is important to tighten the control over the conduct of any business activities on Verhovina water flows. In particular, the intake of sand and gravel and river stones, timber transportation (timber trucks, other vehicles traffic) and so on. It is prohibited to contaminate water by washing vehicles, with industrial and household waste and garbage – the State Inspectorate for Fisheries in Transcarpathian Region.

 In case of detection of grave violations at water flows in Mizhgirya district during the spawning season the State Inspectorate for Fisheries in Transcarpathian Region requests to promptly report it by telephone (03143) 2-66-10.

 Source: zaholovok

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