First down, is the scenario possible?

The head of the presidential administration filed for resignation. A possible successor of a quite loyal to the President Liovochkin could be the chief of the state police Zaharchenko.   The next step is announcing a state of emergency with cancellation of the presidential election. The military country is ready! This scenario is predicted in the halls of power.

"Real – not imagined – fascism begins with delusional propaganda on state television and by party officials, and ends with violence against defenseless people. Violence against peaceful protesters, who were threatening nobody, showed the society that the regime can deal with those, who could really impose such a threat – with activity, status or resources. They will resort to any means, desregarding laws and human rights, which are empty words for them. The purpose of these actions is to make people fear. In Russia and Belarus, they have succeeded. I do not believe that it will happen with Ukrainian society too", – the famous scientist, lawyer, expert in constitutional law Vasyl Lemak said.

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