Firefighters went to the Transcarpathian houses

The State Department of Technological Security together with the regional department of the Ministry for Emergencies workers attended 210 dwellings in the villages of Bilasovytsia and Latirka. The main goal of visits is the prevention of fires and cases of deaths in the first place among socially disadvantaged segments of the population, reports the State Department of Technological Security administration.

Every owner received memo where it is written the main drawbacks in the installation and operation of electrical equipments that may cause fire. They talked about the need for gentle deal with fire, prevention of children’s pranks and compliant with the fire safety rules in the forest.

The clergy is involved in the preventive measures. They appealed to the local priest of the Orthodox Church with a request to pay attention to issues of life safety in their appeals to parishioners.

According to the Deputy Head of State Department of Technological Security in Transcarpathia Vladimir Andrukhiv, measures of such scale (involved 34 employees of State Department of Technological Security, Territorial Administration of Ministry for Emergencies, Services of Social Protection and law enforcement officers) is held for the sixth time already in the region. And by the end of this year, fire-prevention work will cover the entire territory of the region.


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