Fire at the Uzhgorod landfill

Today, at the end of the day, witnesses reported that a fire had started at the solid household waste landfill in the village of Barvinok near Uzhgorod.

As this landfill is the main one for the regional center and its suburbs, we were very concerned about the news.  First, we all remember the incident in the neighboring Lviv region that led to a real infrastructure disaster. Second, a serious fire at such a site threatens the ecological disaster.

Therefore, we decided to visit the place of the fire personally.

Fortunately, nothing serious happened. There was indeed a smoke above part of the landfill, but it was insignificant.

From the bypass road, it looked like this:


We decided to get closer to talk with the firefighters. It should be noted that the road from the highway to the landfill is not very suitable for passenger cars. Having approached as close as possible, we noticed that the rescuers had already left the scene.  We saw the remaining smoke.


The guard at the entrance said that such incidents indeed happen from time to time, but there is no particular danger if they are timely noticed and appropriate measures are taken.

So, fortunately, this time there was no disaster. Although, there are still many problems related to the disposal of domestic waste. It is noticeable that the current landfill has almost exhausted itself. The construction of waste processing plants is constantly being discussed, but nothing has been done yet. Also, there are no known alternatives to the current lanfill. So "Uzhgorod waste collapse" is actually much closer than we would like to think.

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