Finally! Restoration works have started in the Nevytsky Castle (PHOTOS)

Volodymyr Khymynets wrote about it on Facebook.

"Restoration work has begun on the walls of Nevytsky Castle! We did it! Thank you to everyone who believed, supported and inspired us!”


Nevytsky Castle is a half-ruined castle near the village of Kamyanytsya, Uzhgorod district, Transcarpathian region.     

The castle was first mentioned at the beginning of the XIV century as a stronghold of the local feudal revolt against the royal government of Charles Robert Anjou. In the XIV century, the castle went to the family of Counts Druget, who built a stone castle on the site of a wooden one. In 1644, during religious wars, the Transylvanian prince Yuri I Rakoczi destroyed the castle.


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