Film based on the book by the Transcarpathian writer will cost 1.55 million hryvnya

On the second pitching of Goskino (State’s Cinema) "Ivan Syla" (“Strong Ivan”) by the Transcarpathian Alexandr Gavrosh has been selected in the category "Children’s films" among other 29 films, that fell under the production Programme and distribution of national films in 2012/2013.

This year, on July 10, the Cinema State Agency of Ukraine reached the agreement with the "Production Center "InsiteMedia" on the production of the film "Ivan Syla". The transaction cost 1.55 million hryvnia. The film is 100% funded by the state budget.

The producer of the film will be Vladimir Filippov ("ToyHtoProyshovKrіzVogon"), stage director – Victor Andrienko, a known “dovgonosyk” (“long-nose”) and the actor of “Velyka Riznytsia” ("Big difference", TV show). A famous athlete Dmitry Khaladji is going to star. He will take a vacation from the American circus and refuse to understudy the role of the Russian actor Michael Porechenkov in the film "Ivan Poddubny". Vasil Virastyuk will play a supporting role.

Note: the film based on the book by Alexander Gavrosh "Incredible Adventures of Ivan Syla" tells about Ivan Firtsak, who was named the strongest man in the world in 1928. But at the peak of his career, he stopped performances abroad and came back home.


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