Fighting corruption is the priority of the prosecution office

During the presentation of the new Prosecutor of Transcarpathia, the Acting General Prosecutor of Ukraine Oleg Makhnitsky outlined the priorities in the work of the regional prosecution office and said that the society demands new approaches and prosecutors would work in new ways according to European standards. There will be a reorganization in the prosecution bodies. This was reported by the press service of the regional prosecutor’s office.

"We initiated the revision of all the closed criminal cases, especially in recent months.The actions of all law enforcement officers, prosecutors and judges will be reviewed. And fighting against corruption will become a priority of our work" – Oleg Makhnitsky said.

In turn, the newly appointed head of the prosecutor’s office said that he realized the responsibility entrusted to him and would make every effort so that every prosecutor of Transcarpathia would work honestly, professionally and with full dedication.
Recall yesterday, March 8, the Acting General Prosecutor of Ukraine Oleg Makhnitsky formally introduced to the staff of the prosecution office the newly appointed Prosecutor of Transcarpathian region Oleg Sydorchuk.

Oleg Sydorchuk has been working in the prosecution for almost 15 years.He has come the way from an intern to the deputy prosecutor of Kyiv region. Prior to his appointment as the Prosecutor of Transcarpathian region, he served as the First Deputy Head of the Main department for supervision over the observance of laws by special forces and other authorities engaged in combating organized crime and corruption of the General Prosecution Office of Ukraine.

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