Festival “Red wine 2013” will have updated symbol

Volunteers developed a modern logo and corporate identity for the most popular festival of Transcarpathia. The proposal was approved by the organizing committee.
The updated logo is an improved version of one of the first variants that was developed by Rock-H group manager Irina Yantso back in 2010. According to her, the idea of ​​a wine festival logo was secondary, the first one was the song "Vinko chervenoye" which the group’s frontman Victor Yantso wrote in early 2009 and which became the anthem of the festival. 
The logo was improved by the designer Oleg Olashyn from Uzhgorod, "Taking the Irina’s logo as the basis, it was necessary to eliminate the most obvious deficiencies and bring it into compliance with certain technical requirements. 
The main problem was low readability of the inscription "Red wine", which was sandwiched from above and below with the graphic elements. This problem was leading to others. For example, the fonts part was duplicated with additional inscription that was rendered outside the graphic mark. There were also concerns about grapes in the form of whorls, which caused the association with a bouquet of roses."
Thus, the XIX festival "Red wine" will have an updated logo, which is soon to be seen on the boards, city lights, in newspapers, social networks and sites.
The festival will take place on 12-14 January. Every year "Red wine" attracts the leading winemakers of the region, and the festival is visited by 50,000 tourists.
Join the official community of the festival "Red wine" at http://www.facebook.com/CherveneVyno, to keep track of all the details associated with the event

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