Festival ‘DJ/Leto Open-air’ starts in Uzhgorod

The musical weekend in the open air, which is successfully combined with a variety of entertainment will be held in the restaurant-hotel complex ‘Dubky’ that is in the village of Onokivtsi in Uzhgorod district on June 1-2. You will have an opportunity to participate in the cycling walks, taste dishes of the field kitchen and take part in the sports competitions. The freeze-light, the fire show and the long evening of short films from the CinemaHall make this weekend unforgettable.

All the camping amateurs will be able to come with their tents and those who accustomed to the greater comfort, the complex ‘Dubky’ will provide with comfortable accommodation.

One day of dances and entertainments costs 35 hryvnia. Girls should pay attention to the fact that entrance to the dance floor on sharp heels is strictly prohibited.

The festival organizers: ZENITH PROMO, UTC, NIGHT RIGHT, L.LINE, ZVUK.

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