Ferents List’s sculpture that disappeared during a hurricane was found

Ferents List’s bronze sculpture, which had disappeared on June 11th with railing fragment during a hurricane on Uzhgorod quay, was found. Mini-monument was noticed by the Regional Philharmonic worker near which the sculpture was established in May. However, he informed about the discovery the Consulate General of Hunngary in Uzhgorod, because it was Consul General Yozhef Bachkai who officially opened a monument to the famous Hungarian composer.

As Fedir Shandor, pro rector and the head of UzhNU Tourism Department told, the sculpture will be returned to the ‘old place’ and probably one another ‘will be installed’ next to it. Currently, the author of sculpture and all involved in its appearance express their gratitude to the conscious Uzhgorod citizen, who kept the cultural value of the city. 


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