Fedir Shandor: leaders by exit poll results at 5 Transcarpathian districts will not change after the announcement of the results

"We expected 60% attendance, but it was very cold and wet. But, thanks to the efforts of one force the attendance was fair,"- said Fedor Sandor, Director of Carpathian Polling Research Institute, which conducted exit polls in Transcarpathia today in the press center "Zakarpattya".

"I have not seen such number of drunk people in the morning for a long time. An unusually high attendance was from 8 to 10 am, which is quite amazing for Transcarpathia. And at this active attendance was related to the growth of votes for certain party. Then, when people came after service in churches, everything was leveled out."
According to Fedir Shandor, the exit poll results might be affected by the factor that many people refused to respond, which may increase the deviation, as well as bribery. Sociologist says that money was even offered to some of his interviewers. Nevertheless, says Fedir Shandor, leaders of 5 districts will not change under any circumstances. The question obviously remains open only for the deputy from Uzhgorod district.
Regarding allegations of improper exit poll the field, Fedir Shandor says it’s like blaming doctors in misdiagnosis. Precise data may only be given at autopsy by pathologist, and the final results will given after counting of votes.

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