Uzhgorod chain stores "For rent" (PHOTOS)

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Uzhgorod chain stores "For rent" (PHOTOS)

In Uzhgorod, as in any other modern city, network facilities are quite common. Each resident can easily name a few brand chain stores, coffee shops, banks and other commercial establishments. But there is one "chain" which few people pay attention to, even though it is quite massively represented on the streets of our city. Those are premises that are not used as intended and are passively looking for masters. This phenomenon has been popularly dubbed chain stores "For rent". In this article we will focus on some of them, because it is virtually impossible to cover all of them due to their enourmous amount and geographic distribution. 

A vivid example is located on Panas Myrny street. Here, on the ground floor of the historical building, the premises with all amenities, independent heating and a private entrance in area of ​​87 square meters has been lying vacant for quite a while. By calling the specified phone number we found out that the monthly rent of this "treasure" is $ 500. 

Uzhgorod chain stores "For rent" (PHOTOS) (1.1)


Uzhgorod chain stores "For rent" (PHOTOS) (1.2)


The situation with the glass chimera on Zhupanatska Square where Koryatovich street becomes Dovzhenko street is slightly different. Here, the relevant poster is hanging on the unfinished building.

Uzhgorod chain stores "For rent" (PHOTOS) (2.1)


Uzhgorod chain stores "For rent" (PHOTOS) (2.2)

Nearby, in the already finished building with a similar appearance, above the UKREXIMBANK, there is a whole office for rent (or for sale - we could not find out because the phone number on advertising banner turned out to be inactive).

Uzhgorod chain stores "For rent" (PHOTOS) (3.1)


But all that is nothing compared to Shvabska street. That's where the real "Klondike" is. As you can see, a whole newly built house is for rent here.

Uzhgorod chain stores "For rent" (PHOTOS) (4.1)


And this building is not even finished, but they already do not know what to do with it. Here, in a newly built office center, the entire second floor in area of ​​592 square meters is for rent. As we found out by calling one of the specified phone numbers, the minimum monthly rent is $ 10 per square meter. As you can see, no one is interested in the hryvnia.

Uzhgorod chain stores "For rent" (PHOTOS) (5.1)


Uzhgorod chain stores "For rent" (PHOTOS) (5.2)

Also on Shvabska, the space above the shop "Shaurma/Doughnuts" and the ABC store is for rent. They offer as many as 140 square meters. It is on the third floor. It looks like the fate of the "phantom" on the left will be the same. If it is ever finished, of course.

Uzhgorod chain stores "For rent" (PHOTOS) (6.1)


Uzhgorod chain stores "For rent" (PHOTOS) (6.2)

Then it gets even more interesting. Even the country's largest bank follows the common trend and rents out part of the premises right in its central office on Shvabska street (the rent is 150 UAH per square meter) and in another office on Koryatovich street (the rent is 300 UAH per square meter)

Uzhgorod chain stores "For rent" (PHOTOS) (7.1)


Uzhgorod chain stores "For rent" (PHOTOS) (7.2)

Near the PrivatBank, another room in a three-story building is for rent. Here the total area is ​​45 square meters at a price of $ 5 for each.

Uzhgorod chain stores "For rent" (PHOTOS) (8.1)


Uzhgorod chain stores "For rent" (PHOTOS) (8.2)

And just across the street, the second floor of a four-storey building is for rent.

Uzhgorod chain stores "For rent" (PHOTOS) (9.1)


Uzhgorod chain stores "For rent" (PHOTOS) (9.2)

And this is only the central part of the city, where the demand is traditionally higher. At the periphery, as you may guess, the situation is even less optimistic. But, despite so much vacant real estate in the city, some "businessmen" continue to build kiosks, messing the already spoiled exteriors of Uzhgorod.

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