"Linden" alley. 2nd kilometer (PHOTOS)

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"Linden" alley. 2nd kilometer (PHOTOS)

This year, flowering of lime began nearly a month earlier. Attention of all Uzhgorod mass media was focused on this event. The reason was simple - the "longest" Linden alley in Europe was in blossom.

Hundreds of publications have been written about the alley, including Wikipedia:

Linden alley is a park-monument of landscape gardening art of local importance in Ukraine. Located within the city of Uzhgorod along Independence and Student's Embankments.

Its area is ​​1 hectare. It was established in 1928 by Czech botanists. The alley is under control of Uzhgorod executive committee.

The alley is located on the right bank of the river Uzh and has a length of 2.2 km. It has about 300 lindens planted in two rows.

The most striking fact is that the width of the alley is 10 meters (i.e. nearly the width between the two rows), thus 1 hectare is exactly 1 km. The distance between the vehicle and the pedestrian bridges is also 1 km. It is rather strange situation: where is the second kilometer?

Today I decided to walk along this secret route of the second kilometer. Why is it "Secret"? Now you may also see why the second kilometer was "hidden" from the press.

The first thing that catches the eye right from the bridge is that poplar is dominating in the first tier of "linden" alley. That is not a linden but poplar-linden alley.


"Linden" alley. 2nd kilometer (PHOTOS) (l1)

Even from a distance it has a look which leaves much to be desired. But let's come up closer. As it might be expected from the name of the alley, it starts from the trees ... like pine, spruce, poplar and maple:


"Linden" alley. 2nd kilometer (PHOTOS) (l3)


"Linden" alley. 2nd kilometer (PHOTOS) (l4)


"Linden" alley. 2nd kilometer (PHOTOS) (l5)

Another problem is that there are damaged or diseased limes, and poplars are largely in accidental stateand may fall at any moment.


"Linden" alley. 2nd kilometer (PHOTOS) (l6)


"Linden" alley. 2nd kilometer (PHOTOS) (l7)

Poplar fuzz that covers "lime" avenue with a thick layer does not add health to the athletes who are actively practicing here.


"Linden" alley. 2nd kilometer (PHOTOS) (l8)

But this is only the first half of the 2nd kilometer. The second part is a continuous nightmare. First of all, lime is found here as an addition to acacia, while poplars are almost all dying here. The area is covered with bushes and weeds, and survived trees are massively damaged by fire:


"Linden" alley. 2nd kilometer (PHOTOS) (l9)


"Linden" alley. 2nd kilometer (PHOTOS) (l10)


"Linden" alley. 2nd kilometer (PHOTOS) (l11)

Sometimes it might be a bit scary to walk along.


"Linden" alley. 2nd kilometer (PHOTOS) (l12)


"Linden" alley. 2nd kilometer (PHOTOS) (l13)


"Linden" alley. 2nd kilometer (PHOTOS) (l14)


"Linden" alley. 2nd kilometer (PHOTOS) (l2)

Instead of accurate lawns we have jungles of Sosnowski cow parsnip which are probably the largest ones in Transcarpathia (and possibly in Europe).


We are creating a whole bunch of myths about our nice city, but the myth is withered away at the first check together with the smoke of burnt linden alley, and there stays only shame and pain for our city.

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нажаль усе, що було в Ужгороді цінним створоно колись, а сучасники навіть не змогли зберегти ці скарби! усе розкрадене, а, що не змогли вкрасти - знищили!!! Ще дуже погана звичка в ужгородців видавати бажане, за реальне, придумані міфи та історії про славетні досягнення яких ніколи не було і т.д. як тільки не називали Ужгород і Венецією і Парижем і Віднем і швейцарією... чому ужгородці ганьбляться пишатись просто Ужгородом? багато відомих в Ужгороді письменників, журналістів, художників, артистів клялись у любові до Срібної землі, а при першій можливості чкурнули, хто , за бугор, а, хто у столицю... ніколи не буде Ужгород квітучім і славетним! - бо багато Ужгородців продажні і дивляться, як би урвати, вкрасти, продати, і, щоб безкарно!

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